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Our Team - Stand Up and Play Foundation

Our Team

Founder: Anthony Netto

A native of South Africa, Anthony has become an international ambassador for challenged golf, and USGTF Master Golf Teaching Pro since 1999. He has been involved in Disabled golf across the globe. Today he resides in the US where he spends much of his time training PGA professionals, rehab therapists and adaptive golf organizations on how to use golf as a therapy, while also serving as a consultant for handicapped golfers worldwide.

Motivated by his own challenges, Anthony co-invented the VertaCat/Paragolfer all-terrain standing sports wheelchair in 2000, and founded the Stand Up and Play Foundation in 2010. He achieved another milestone in 2023 by co-founding and developing the VertaCat, a revolutionary adaptive golf cart.


It’s More Than Golf. It’s Freedom!

The Stand Up and Play Foundation’s mission is simple: to give wheelchair user and those with mobility challenges the chance to stand up again; to experience the empowerment of looking someone in the eye; to experience the freedom to play sports. It’s simple. Our goal is to give as many people as possible the gift of standing up. We want to make VertaCats/Paramobiles available to as many veterans, veteran’s groups, first responders, children, support organizations, rehab centers, hospitals, golf courses, and individuals as possible.

Greg “Jake” Jacobson

Former professional golfer Greg “Jake” Jacobson ’82 had his world turned upside-down in 2011, when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Since his diagnosis, Jacobson has redirected his energy to making the historically inaccessible golf world more accessible to those with both physical and mental disabilities. Jacobson teaches people with disabilities how to play golf with the VertaCat/Paramobile, allowing them to revisit a sport that few thought they’d get to experience again. “My mission now is not to go out and break course records,” he said. “It’s all about teaching adults with severe disabilities how they can golf.”

Greg “Jake” Jacobson

Current Board of Directors

Cpt. Karen Atkinson

(US Army)

Robert Tidey

2nd chair

Marc Nadel

3rd chair

Claudette Harris

Board Secretary

Angelica Amador Jasper

Maj. Michael Thomson

US Army / Veteran liaison

Janet Matsey Phillips

LPGA Liaison

Greg “Jake” Jacobson

Adaptive Golf coach

Advisory Board of Directors

Anthony Netto

Founder Stand up and Play Foundation , USGTF

Staff Sgt. Jason Ross

Perry Green

Perry Green


Dr. Theodore Rummel

Maj. Barry Guidry


Thomas Michaud

Retired chief of police Princeton NJ

Bobby Medlen

Capstone restaurant group

Rich O’Brien

Adaptive Golf coach

Staff Sgt. Steve Doubt

(US Air force)

Mark Boucher

CDNY Director of Stand up and Play foundation, Chapter

Senior, master, Sgt., James Tipton

Director: SUPF Chapter Panhandle
Florida / Florida Panhandle Golf Therapy Alliance
George H. Jaspert

George H. Jaspert


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