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About Founder Anthony Netto - Stand Up and Play Foundation
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About Founder Anthony Netto

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About the Foundation

Stand Up and Play Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) 100% volunteer-based organization. The Stand Up and Play Foundation is composed of individuals who donate their time and efforts to make active standing therapy a reality for everyone with mobility challenges.

“When learning how to walk, you have to stand up once more than you fall down. This applies to both a small child and an adult. It holds true for learning how to walk, but in a transferred sense, also for life itself. With a handicap, it is an even steeper challenge. I have experienced that myself. For every physically handicapped person, the VertaСat/Paramobile is an important and valuable tool that gives you a bit more freedom.”

Anthony Netto

Our Founder

As the founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation and KidSwing International, Anthony has a 28 years track record within the adaptive sports community. Anthony’s dedication to an active lifestyle and his belief that anybody can lead a healthy life despite physical limitations has been proven time and time again. Anthony travels throughout the country working with different organizations, community centers, rehabilitation hospitals, and golf courses to promote active standing therapy programs. Anthony lives in California, Florida, Nebraska, Washington, D.C., or anywhere the foundation needs him at any given time.

Golf as a Therapy

Handicaps and sickness imply a number of limitations: restricted performance, a sense of impossibility, and often as a consequence of these limitations, social exclusion. As a result, many chances, possibilities, and perspectives appear to be inaccessible.


When applied therapeutically, the sport of golf has been proven to encourage a person’s will, build self-confidence, and provide a channel to break through this vicious circle. Although golf is still viewed by most as an elite sport, when properly applied, it can serve as a very successful method of rehabilitation.

Golf as a therapy addresses the development of necessary coordination and the repetition of precise sequences of movements. Further, the mental challenges posed by the game stimulate one’s ability to focus and concentrate. Playing golf successfully raises a person’s self-esteem and vitality. Finally, golf is social and fun.

Meet the VertaСat/Paramobile

About Anthony Netto

A native of South Africa, retired Military Veteran Anthony has become an international ambassador for challenged golf, and USGTF Master Golf Teaching Pro since 1999. He has been involved in Disabled golf across the globe.

Today he resides in the US where he spends much of his time training PGA professionals, rehab therapists and adaptive golf organizations on how to use golf as a therapy, while also serving as a consultant for handicapped golfers worldwide.

Motivated by his own challenges, Anthony co-invented the VertaСat/Paramobile all-terrain standing sports wheelchair in 2000, and founded the Stand Up and Play Foundation in 2010. He achieved another milestone in 2023 by co-founding and developing the VertaCat, a revolutionary adaptive golf cart. The VertaCat empowers users to navigate the green independently and confidently, showcasing advanced precision technology. This innovative device not only offers mobility- challenged players the opportunity to refine their unique styles in the game but also contributes to their overall well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Anthony Netto

2024 Board Member

Officers, Directors – 100% volunteers

  • Dennis Duchi, Chairman
  • Cami Sue Huston, Board Secretary/Caregiver Liaison
  • Greg “Jake” Jacobson, Board Member/Adaptive, Golf Coach
  • Angelica Amador Jaspert, Treasurer/Media
  • Marc Nadel, 2nd Chair
  • Janet Mastey Phillips, LPGA Liaison
  • Major Micheal Thomson, Military Liaison

2024 Advisory Board

*Advisory board member and founder of Stand Up and Play Foundation: Anthony Netto

  • Dr. Theodore Rummel
  • Major Barry Guidry
  • Bobby Medlen
  • Thomas Michaud
  • Mark Boucher (CDNY Chapter Director)
  • James Tipton (Panhandle Florida Chapter Director)
  • Rich O’Brien (Low Country SC Chapter Director)
  • Steve Doudt (Veteran Ambassador)
  • George H.Jaspert V (Logistics)