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Handicaps and sickness imply a number of limitations: restricted performance, a sense of impossibility and, often as a consequence of these limitations, social exclusion. As a result, many chances, possibilities, and perspectives appear to be inaccessible.
When applied therapeutically, the sport of golf has been proven to encourage a person’s will, build self confidence, and provide a channel to break through this vicious circle. Although golf is still viewed by most as an elite sport, when properly applied, it can serve as a very successfully method of rehabilitation.
Golf as a therapy addresses the development of necessary coordination and the repetition of precise sequences of movements. Further, the mental challenges posed by the game stimulate one’s ability to focus and concentrate. Playing golf successfully raises a person’s self esteem and vitality. Finally, golf is social and fun.

Originally from South Africa, Anthony Netto is an international ambassador for challenged golf and has been a USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional since 1999.  A few of his (many) accomplishments include initiating the European/American KidSwing program, training the German Disabled Golf Team,USA Golf Team Invictus Games Toronto 2017 and holding the current Paralong Drive World record at 317 (3/2018 Mesquite NV Paralong Drive Cup )yards.  Now residing in The United States, Anthony spends his time training PGA professionals and veterans on how to use the game of golf as therapy and serving as a consultant for handicapped golfers worldwide. He’s passionate about helping his fellow wounded brothers and sisters and it’s the driving force behind everything he does.

Anthony first sustained a life-altering injury while serving for the SA Defense Force and then again in 1994, when he was hit by a drunk driver, which caused further paralysis.  On top of these injuries, he was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May of 2000. Motivated by his own challenges, Anthony co-invented the all-terrain standing sports wheelchair, the Paragolfer (by Ottobock), and founded the Stand Up and Play Foundation to make Paragolfers available to individuals with impaired mobility across the world.

As the founder of the Stand Up and Play Foundation and KidSwing International, Anthony has a 28 years track record within the adaptive sports community. Anthony’s dedication to an active lifestyle and his belief that anybody can lead a healthy life despite physical limitations has been proven time and time again. Anthony travels throughout the country working with different organizations, community centers, rehabilitation hospitals and golf courses to promote active standing therapy programs. Anthony lives in California, Florida, Nebraska, Washington, D.C., or anywhere the foundation needs him at any given time.
Board Members
  • Marc Nadel (Chairman)
  • Major Micheal Thomson (Treasurer)
  • Beth Ford (Secretary)
  • Angelica Jaspert (VC/Media/PR)
  • Janet Matsey Phillips (LPGA/PGA Teaching Professional)
Advisory Board
  • Greg “Jake” Jacobson
  • Maj. Barry Guidry
  • Bobby Medlen
  • Dr. Ted Rummel
  • Mark Boucher (Chapter CDNYS)
  • Rich O’Brien (Chapter Low Country SC)
  • Martin Estey
  • Thomas Michaud
  • James Tipton (Stand up and Play Florida panhandle Chapter)



The Stand Up and Play Foundation
Is composed of individuals who donate their time and efforts to make active standing therapy a reality for everyone who uses a wheelchair. Accomplishing our mission requires traveling to potential sites, training volunteers, and purchasing supplies and equipment such as Paramobile units, standing frames, adaptive sports equipment, and much more. Your financial support will help us form an adaptive sports chapter in your community or in an underserved community. We need your help to expand our current programs and to form new ones.
  1. Your company name and logo on a Paramobile housed at a location hosting a Stand Up and Play Chapter.
  2. Your company logo and link displayed on our web-site
  3. Your company logo on our printed literature
Your generous donations allow us to continue our goal of getting all wheelchair users access to a Paramobile. The benefits to these individuals are countless, and your sponsorship is priceless.
Please contact us to discuss the different levels of giving that might be right for you.


Candlewood Valley Country Club Chapter, New Milford, CT

Contact Beth Ford
Candlewood Valley Country Club
401 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT 06776

Tel.: (860) 354-9359
Candlewood Valley Country Club Chapter Page
Candlewood Valley Country Club Stand Up and Play Chapter website
Candlewood Valley Country Club Stand Up and Play Chapter Facebook page

Virginia Chapter – Windy Hills Sports Complex

Contact: Janet Phillips, LPGA & PGA Class A Professional
16500 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA 23113

Tel.: (804) 794-0010
Website (adaptive golf page)

Wisconsin Chapter

Contact: Jeff Stroud, Executive Director
N35 W23877 Highfield Court
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Tel.: (262) 695-8414
Facebook Page

Kansas City, MO Chapter

City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks & Recreation Department
Heart of America Golf Course
7501 Blue River Road
Kansas City, MO 64132

Tel.: (816) 513-8940

Long Island, NY Chapter

Crab Meadow Golf Course
220 Waterside Rd
Northport, NY 11786

Capital District of New York State Chapter

Contact: Mark Boucher
353 Ushers Road
Ballston Lake, NY 12019
(518) 423-3398

Facebook Page

San Diego, CA Chapter

Contact Anthony Netto
837 Granada Drive
Vista, CA 92083-4732

Tel.: (941) 320-9688

Las Vegas, NV Chapter

Contact Anthony Netto
Tel.: (941)320-9688

Charleston South Carolina Chapter – Wescott Golf Club

5000 Wescott Club Dr
Summerville SC, 29485
Tel.: 843.871.2135

Stand Up and Play Softgolf North Carolina Chapter

Raymond F.Baldorossi Jr
President, Softgolf LLC

Myrtle Beach Chapter – Double D Academy

Harbour View Golf
901 Highway 17
Little River, SC 29566

Tel.: 203.895.1133

Killeen Texas Chapter

Kevin McJunkin
311 Chaparral Road
Killeen TX 76542
Tel.: 254.317.1657

Stonetree Golf Course
Killeen TX
Tel.: 264.699.6034


North Houston, Texas Chapter

Gere Wagnon
8990 Willow Springs Road
Conroe, TX 76542
Tel.: 713-501-1636

Brett Wagnon
Tel.: 713-582-0893


Golf This Spring Westchester/Stand Up and Play Chapter

Scarsdale High School, 1057 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583
Saxon Woods Golf Course, 315 Mamaroneck Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583,
Mike Belmont, Mgr. Phone: (914) 231-3461
Simon Yu (xyu21@scarsdaleschools.org)
Ben Schwartz (bschwartz19@scarsdaleschools.org)
Zach Siegel (zsiegel21@scarsdaleschools.org)

Teacher Advisors:
Maggie Favretti (mfavretti@scarsdaleschools.org)
Eileen Cagner (ecagner@scarsdaleschools.org)

Marty Turcios
Therapeutic Golf

Marty Turcios (martyturciosgolf@gmail.com)
1216 Hemlock Drive
Augusta Georgia 30909

Atlanta Chapter:

Marc Nadel
(502) 242-4244

Wedges and Woods:

Director Nick Prokosa  AUGUSTA Chapter
3731 Wrightsboro RoadAugusta GA 30909

Sacramento Chapter

Director Joe Neff
Mathers Golf Course 4103 Zinfandel Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA  95742 https://www.playmather.com/

Florida Panhandle Chapter

Director James Tipton
410 Wildwood Drive 32404
FB @ standupandplayflorida

Corica Park Golf Course Alameda Chapter

Director Ken Campbell
1 Clubhouse Memorial Road
Alameda California 94502

(510) 747-7800


“I was paralyzed in Afghanistan when a 250 lb IED blew up my truck. Since I’m wheelchair bound regular activities have been a struggle for me as well as outdoor activities. There were a lot of things that I thought I couldn’t do anymore outside. All of that changed when I met Anthony Netto, and he got me into a Paragolfer. That machine changed my life as well as my family’s lives. I use it for everything now. I play outside with my kids, go to the range, walk my kids to school, walk the dogs, go to the beach, I’m involved with my son’s football practice, I use it when I take my service dog to training, take my kids for rides on the back of it, play sports with my kids and their friends, go for walks with my wife (Hillary Wayman) and the list goes on. I don’t know what I would do without the Paragolfer. It puts a smile on my face every time I open my garage and see it. I tell everyone else I see about it, who was injured in the military, with mobility issues. Semper Fi.”


COO, Armed Forces Retirement Home:

“We purchased the Paramobiles because they spectacularly fit into our wellness programs for our residents. We use the Paramobiles to get our vets standing and playing everything from bocce ball to shuffle board. Their quality of life has been enhanced tremendously with this new technology.”


Bilateral Amputee, Injured in Vietnam:

“I use the Paramobile three to four times per week. It makes me feel like I am standing playing golf. The Paramobile allows me to approach the ball differently and makes me feel more independent.”


Complete Quadriplegic, Resulting from a surgical error:

“The Paramobile changed my life. I use it for golf and look forward to even taking it fishing.”


Complete Paraplegic:

“On March 11, 2010, I was involved in a skiing accident resulting in 13 broken ribs, both lungs collapsed and T7-8 fractures, causing complete paraplegia. On September 11, 2010, thanks to the Stand Up and Play Foundation, I participated for the 20th consecutive year in the Aylward Family Golf Classic. Anything is possible if you believe.”


Watch a TV feature on “Sarasota County Weekly” where Tim Boyle talks about his first experience with the Paramobile.


“It was our first standing hug in five years.”

Sharon and Rick

“I can truly say my new Paramobile is the best thing that’s happened to me besides my lovely wife. Not only can I play golf again after 28 years, I can stand. I get in it every day not only to hit balls in the backyard and go the golf course but just to stand. My body feels so much better, my breathing has improved and at the end of the day my wife gets a hug and kiss from me standing. My wish is that everyone with a spinal cord injury has a Paramobile to Stand Up and Play. I have a C6 C7 spinal injury and the Paramobile works great for me. And it will work great for you.”

Kevin Alexander
Full Swing Golf RI

Thank you, as always, to the Stand Up and Play Foundation. For making our Full Swing Golf RI event possible! Without the generosity of Stand Up and Play and  Anthony Netto today and all our other events would not be as special!

Debbie Waitkus

Life took a difficult detour three years ago when my son was paralyzed … this past fall,  Anthony inspired us to a new idea and sitting around in a wheelchair just doesn’t make sense anymore when you can stand up and play. Thank you Anthony Netto. See you June 19 at Kelowna Springs GC.

The Town Of Huntington New York

Proclamation from the Town of Huntington NY, recognizing the Long Island Chapter of the Stand Up and Play Foundation, and the great work that Bridget Fischer, Anthony Netto, and all the family and friends who volunteered so much of their time, making yesterday’s fundraiser a tremendous success.

Debbie Waitkus

Thank you, as always, to the Stand Up and Play Foundation. For making our Full Swing Golf RI event possible! Without the generosity of Stand Up and Play and Anthony Netto today and all our other events would not be as special!

INC website

Life took a difficult detour three years ago when my son was paralyzed … this past fall, Anthony inspired us to a new idea and sitting around in a wheelchair just doesn’t make sense anymore when you can stand up and play. Thank you Anthony Netto. See you June 19 at Kelowna Springs GC. https://youtu.be/Ru3ge-BLw_g

Dennis Duchi
Weed California

The paragolfer for me has been nothing short of a life changing machine. From getting me out playing golf again and being more social. I use the paragolfer to take care of tasks in my yard and around my house. I take my dogs for regular walks, wash my truck, gardening and so many other small things that give me independence.
The paragolfer has given me a new lease on life. I have been able to bond more with my son playing golf together as he was young and just learning to play when I had my spinal cord injury. The paragolfer has made me feel like a more complete person from being a father to just being one of the guys at the course.